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20 April 2022
Albert Mckinney
Design & Development
WordPress (WooCommerce)
Project summary

Developed the fully functional website in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Quick summary of the website
The story of Sniffr started with Buzoo’s 5th brithday. Buzoo is our beloved pupper and he was in for a treat! A fancy party was to follow a relaxing grooming and spa therapy for him. After all, it was his special day! We could hear the soft whimpers of relaxation from our friend – he was enjoying all the attention he was getting. While Buzoo was busy getting pampered, we decided to browse the store shelves. We don’t usually go out looking for things for Buzoo regularly, and happily took this opportunity to shop for even more goodies for our friend. Like all parents, we want our buddy to have the best.

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